Winnipeg Goldeyes x Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the only online, safe, reliable, and legitimate ticket site officially authorized by the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club and Shaw Park.

To buy tickets in person, the only authorized retailer is the Shaw Park box office.

As a buyer, you are guaranteed that the seats bought at either of these locations for a Goldeyes game are 100% legitimate and represent an actual seat in Shaw Park.

Only Ticketmaster and the Goldeyes can provide this guarantee because the tickets have originated through the Goldeyes mobile ticketing system.



If you buy a ticket from anywhere other than Ticketmaster or the Shaw Park box office, you have no way of knowing whether the ticket you bought is counterfeit, invalid or an actual seat in Shaw Park. There is no easy way to spot a fake ticket, making where you buy your ticket important.

To avoid ticket fraud please keep the following important points in mind.

  • Avoid buying tickets from unofficial websites. Many of these websites use names that are similar sounding to confuse and lead buyers away from verified listings.
  • The top Google search result for Goldeyes tickets may not be a legitimate seller. We recommended that you go straight to or the Shaw Park box office to buy your tickets.
  • Double check the prices before you buy. Goldeyes ticket prices  for 2022 are as follows:


      Advance (per ticket) Game Day (per ticket)
    Club $27 $30
    Prime $25 $28
    On Deck $21 $24
    Grand Slam $13 $16
  • Do not buy printed paper tickets or PDF’s from anyone on the street or outside Shaw Park. Multiple copies of these PDF’s may be sent out, or they may be invalid.
  • Do not accept screenshots of tickets. Multiple copies of these pictures may be sent out, or they may be invalid.

Be safe with all of your online ticket purchases. Make sure you are visiting Ticketmaster to ensure you are purchasing official and verified Goldeyes tickets.