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Out of the Park Baseball 2020

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Have you ever dreamed of running your own baseball team?  Out of the Park Baseball 19 allows you to do just that!  OOTP is the most detailed and realistic baseball simulation available.  You can choose any franchise in the world and guide them to glory.

Can you lead the Goldeyes to another American Association championship?  Do you have what it takes to get the Blue Jays over the top?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage in Japan?

OOTP includes full rosters for more than a dozen leagues, including Major League Baseball, Nippon Professional Baseball (Japanese Major Leagues), the Korea Baseball Organization, Mexico, North American-based independent leagues (including the American Association and Can-Am League), and more!

Control every aspect of an organization in your quest for a championship, including:

– Building your roster through the amateur draft, trades, and free agent signings
– Employing a staff, including a field manager, coaches, scouts, and trainers
– Managing team chemistry and player morale
– Financial planning, including setting ticket prices and investing in a player development system
– Voting on all-star teams and the Hall of Fame
– Dealing with injuries and finding mid-season replacements
– Setting your starting lineup, pitching rotation, and in-game strategy
– There is even a winter meetings period each December!

For the most die-hard baseball fans, you can manage each game individually from the first pitch until the final out.  Would you like to see more sacrifice bunting or stolen base attempts?  Are you savvy enough to know when to insert a defensive replacement?  Can’t get enough defensive shifts?  How about trying a four-man pitching rotation or bringing in your closer before the ninth inning?  OOTP allows you to make any decision that a real life manager or general manager has to make, both on and off the field!

Whether you take over a massive operation like the Boston Red Sox or prefer the intimacy of the minor leagues, the entire world of baseball is always running in the background.  That means if you manage the Goldeyes to another championship, you can take a holiday and “watch” the MLB World Series in person.

We are excited to partner with Out of the Park Developments and look forward to seeing our fans build and enjoy their virtual Goldeyes dynasties this summer.  Purchase your copy of Out of the Park Baseball today!

Buy Out of the Park Baseball 2020