Shaw Park offers a wide variety of food and drink options available throughout the Winnipeg Goldeyes season. For many fans, it’s their favourite part of coming to a game.

Check out the menu from each of our concession stands (listed alphabetically) and plan your delicious meal at the ballpark.
Eat, drink, and enjoy yourselves!

A Little Pizza Heaven - located behind Section L

A Little Pizza Heaven Menu 2019

Bars - located behind Sections G and P

Beer, Craft Beer, Spirits, Coolers, Cocktails, Wines

Bodegoes - located beyond Section T

Bodegoes Menu 2019

Clay Oven - located behind Section M

Clay Oven Menu 2019

Cookie Dough Creations - located beyond Section T

Cookie Dough Creations Menu 2019

Cool Encounters - located behind Section R

Corby's Popcorn & Candy Floss - located behind Sections D and O

Corby's Menu 2019

Craft Beer Corner - located behind Sections A and B

Danny's Barbeque & Smokehouse - located beyond Section T

Danny's Barbeque & Smokehouse Menu 2019

Goldie Dogs - located beyond Section T

Goldie Dogs Menu 2019

Goldie's Grill - located behind Section H

Goldie's Grill Menu 2019

Good Humor Ice Cream - located behind Sections D, O, and T

Good Humor Ice Cream Menu 2019

JP Pies - located behind Section Q

JP Pies Menu 2019

Lemon Heaven - located behind Section Q

Lemon Heaven Menu 2019

Lil' Orbits Mini Donuts - located behind Section F

Lil' Orbits Mini Donuts Menu 2019

Little Bones Wings - located behind Section R

Little Bones Menu 2019

Mr. Perogie - located behind Section D

Mr Perogie Menu 2019

Pepsi Beverages - located behind Sections D, P, and T

Beverages Menu 2019

Subway - located behind Section F

Subway Menu 2019

Taco Time - located behind Section O

Taco Time Menu 2019

TCBY Frozen Yogurt - located behind Section K

TCBY Menu 2019

The Pretzel Place - located behind Sections E and P

The Pretzel Place Menu 2019

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