Shaw Park is located on Treaty One lands — the original territories of Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation.

This Plan is a living document.
Last updated: February 8, 2021.




On behalf of The Winnipeg Goldeyes, member of the American Association of Independent Baseball, the practices identified below represent practical best efforts to proactively invest and keep our community safe when attending functions, events and games at Shaw Park, in preparation for the 2021 season. The outlined steps and initiatives are intended to preserve the safety of staff, players, fans, and guests.

The Winnipeg Goldeyes will continue to follow the guidance of national, provincial and local agencies, as well as the directives of the American Association, to develop these policies and to determine the appropriate time for hosting events of various scopes at Shaw Park.

The input of local and regional medical and health partners will also play a significant role in informing the below policies.



  1. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will work toward operating cashless facilities, including in the areas of parking, food/beverage, ticketing, and merchandise. This will limit direct contact between employees and guests.


  1. Increased regularity and scope of washdowns and cleanings.
  2. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will consider disinfectant-spraying for no-wipe cleaning of ballpark surfaces.
  3. Increased hand sanitizing stations for public and employee use around the ballpark.


  1. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will re-create its existing facility seating manifest to allow for proper distancing.
  2. Rows and seats will remain vacant to maintain proper distancing between related parties.
  3. Patio areas (field level, concourse level and Craft Beer Corner) will operate with reduced capacity for distancing.


  1. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will administer a temperature check for all part-time, full-time, food and beverage kiosk third-party staff members, and other various ballpark staff members, prior to entering the ballpark.
  2. All fan-facing staff members will be required to wear protective gloves and masks, as suggested by current provincial health guidelines and best practices policies.
  3. Staff will be instructed to make the following changes to fan-facing interactions, without limitation:
    I. No handshaking or physical contact with guests and other employees.
    II. Mandatory to wear protective gloves and masks when handing items to fans.
    III. Mandatory hand washing prior to the start of each shift, and continuing when appropriate, employees will also be required to put on a new pair of gloves.
  4. Ongoing training to educate staff on new, updated guidelines and procedures.


  1. All patrons will be subject to health screenings prior to entry.
  2. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will encourage proper distancing upon entry, including, without limitation, walkways and sidewalks leading to ballpark entrances.
  3. Stanchions and/or spacing markers will promote proper distancing between patrons waiting in lines.
  4. Additional gates (where applicable) will be utilized to create more space amongst patrons entering the ballpark.


  1. Select ticket windows will be closed to ensure proper distancing between patrons.
  2. As a general practice, no tickets will be printed and handed on-site. Instead, box office personnel will email tickets to a patron’s device.
  3. Stanchions and/or spacing markers will promote proper distancing between patrons waiting in lines.
  4. Season ticket and group/hospitality patrons will have the option of contactless ticket distribution; all subsequent exchanges or additional ticket requests will be conducted


  1. Playground
    I. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will not operate the playground this season.
    II. Other attractions that allow for proper distancing will be subject to heightened safety standards, including disinfecting between users and proper distancing while waiting in line.
  2. Concourse Flow
    I. Concourse will be separated to create defined traffic flow (e.g. each side of the concourse is one-way-only traffic) and to keep proper distancing.
    II. Stanchions and/or spacing markers will promote proper distancing between customers waiting in lines on the main concourse.
  3. Restrooms
    I. Doors will be propped open to encourage touchless entry/exit.
    II. Restrooms will be sanitized frequently with disinfectant along all surfaces and an enzyme solution will be applied to all surfaces at the conclusion of each home stand.
    III. Every other sink and urinal stations will be disabled to allow for proper distancing.
  4. Team Store
    I. The Winnipeg Goldeyes shall limit the number of people allowed inside the team store based on current social distancing guidelines.
    II. Stanchions and/or spacing markers will promote proper distancing between customers waiting in line and walking through the store.
  5. Medical Services
    I. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will work closely with its EMS department to implement stringent protocols in place for medical services at all Shaw Park events.


  1. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will continue to follow strict health standards consistent with all regulations and guidelines.
    I. All employees will be required to wear protective masks and gloves.
    II. Additional staff positions will be hired specifically to disinfect surfaces before, during and after events.
    III.Condiments and similar items will be served using pre-packaged servings as opposed to communal servings.


A. Posted “Stop the Spread” and “COVID-19” signage in areas with high visibility to fans, employees and team personnel.
B. Other awareness and instructional signage posted throughout the ballpark.
C. Frequent public address announcements will promote proper cleanliness, distancing and similar health practices for patrons.
D. The Winnipeg Goldeyes will create social media & e-blast awareness campaigns on best practices for fans and guests visiting Shaw Park.

Upcoming Games

Tue 15

Away @ Cleburne

June 15 | 7:00 pm
Wed 16

Away @ Cleburne

June 16 | 7:00 pm
Thu 17

Away @ Cleburne

June 17 | 7:00 pm
Shaw Park COVID-19 Readiness Plan