50/50 draws are made at every Winnipeg Goldeyes home game. Half of the gross revenue from 50/50 ticket sales will be awarded as the prize, and proceeds from the 50/50 draw go to support the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation, Baseball Manitoba, Softball Manitoba and other charitable organizations. The raffle draw will be displayed on the video board in the 8th inning. Every ticket holder has the right to witness the draw.

You may purchase your 50/50 tickets when present at the game from one of our 50/50 kiosks.  The winner must show their printed ticket to claim their prize. If at the game, you may present the winning ticket number at the Fan Services Booth located on the concourse at Shaw Park behind section K. The winner must fill out a 50/50 Payout Form to receive their prize/cheque from the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation. Unclaimed prizes will remain available to claim for up to 30 days after the draw. After 30 days, all unclaimed prizes will become property of the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation.

Electronic 50/50 tickets are available for:

$5 for 3 tickets
$10 for 7 tickets
$20 for 20 tickets

In the event that the electronic 50/50 system goes down prior to the start of the game for any circumstances, the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation will have paper tickets to sell. The paper tickets will only be in place prior to any electronic tickets purchased, if the electronic system goes down anytime during the game the draw will be made in the eighth inning with only the purchased tickets from the electronic system.

Part time employees of the Winnipeg Goldeyes are permitted to participate in the raffle but all full time employees are not.

You must be 14 years of age to purchase 50/50 tickets and win prizes.

All tickets will be stored for three years after the draw.

2019 Winning Numbers





May, 8 $237.50 OF-630059 Expired
May, 9 $375.00 OG-351783 Gail Vande Vyvere
May, 24 $340.00 OH-357116 Patricia Arnel
May, 25 $2035.00 OI-893529 James Brennan
May, 26 $775.00 OJ-957720 Linda Kihn
May, 28 $850.00 OK-367659 Maria Cabral
May, 29 $1160.00 OL-756115 Jared Hart
May, 30 $600.00 OM-520906 Sandor Bosnick
June, 3 $750.00 ON-141055 Jeffrey Kraemer
June, 4 $370.00 OP-805655 Lynn Bruce
June, 5 $1055.00 OQ-922815 Richard Charach
June, 6 $1180.00 OR-814539 Sandra Lynn Pestrak
June, 7 $1395.00 OS-764668 Jeffrey Dewit
June, 8 $562.50 OT-432681 Expired
June, 9 $1440.00 OU-858828 Riley Corby
June, 18 $1162.50 OV-238132 Christopher Carlson
June, 19 $1305.00 OW-109533 Astrid Arnaud
June, 20 $1490.00 OX-597564 Geraldine Slobodian
June, 21 $1432.50 OY-847441 Alan Van-Dorp
June, 22 $1200.00 OZ-397783 Paul Stepien
June, 23 $1387.50 PA-652714 Daniel Pappel
July, 1 $2797.50 PB-951380 Terrance Monkman
July, 2 $1002.50 PC-731718 Shawn Ochitwa
July, 3 $1610.00 PD-263281 Michael Sandell
July, 4 $1380.00 PE-256916 Darren Splett
July, 5 $1612.50 PF-647760 Rodney Hladun
July, 6 $2570.00 PG-154296 Ramona Fryza
July, 7 $1447.50 PH-945464 Alison Bourrier
July, 8 $647.50 PI-746140 Kelsey Zaste
July, 16 $2097.50 PJ-859683 Ariel Floom
July, 17 $1092.50 PK-650503 Matthew Sabourin
July, 18 $1375.00 PL-759107 Brian Shkwarchuck
July, 24 $1837.50 PM-887021 Keith Trumbla
July, 25 $1755.00 PN-620587 Brittany Lelievre
July, 26 $1420.00 PO-874121 Jules Mortinson
July, 27 $2127.50 PQ-958088 David Ewasko
July, 28 $1590.00 PR-823739 John Bloomer
August, 6 $1565.00 PS-717255 Expired
August, 7 $1995.00 PT-336507 Olive McDonald
August, 8 $1125.00 PU-470790 Francine Fournier
August, 15 $2407.50 PV-504407 Neil Swirsky
August, 16 $2410.00 PW-731881 Iris Yudai
August, 17 $1960.00 PX-913008 Astrid Arnaud
August, 18 $2212.50 PY-581737 Marlene Thompson
August, 19 $1657.50 PZ-276611 Walter Hofer
August, 27 $382.50 QA-635329 Devon Shymko
August, 28 $1430.00 QB-934457 Expired
August, 29 $2012.50 QC-743441 Kate Sakamoto
August, 30 $1825.00 QD-857505 Lisa Streeter
August, 31 $1482.50 QE-812605 Arlene Sinclair
September, 1 $1395.00 QF-189434 Michelle Fontaine
September, 2 $1785.00 QG-216938 Kathryn Prosak

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