Date: Time: Promotion / Giveaway:
May 29 7:00pm Pre-Game Championship Ceremony, Magnet Schedule Giveaway, & Fireworks
June 2 7:00pm Lou Gehrig Night & Faith Night
June 4 1:00pm Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame Game
Goldeyes players will wear Neepawa Farmers Jerseys
June 12 7:00pm School Patrol Night
June 14 7:00pm Baseball Bingo
June 15 7:00pm Championship Replica Ring Giveaway to the first 1,000 fans & Post Game Fireworks
June 16 7:00pm Pre-Game Yoga On Field (more information)
June 17 6:00pm Bark in the Park (more information)
June 18 1:00pm Father’s Day
First 1,000 fans will receive a Goldeyes Cap courtesy of Boston Pizza
Play Catch with On-Field After The Game (bring your own glove)
June 27 7:00pm First Half Team Photo Giveaway & Pre-Game On-Field Autographs
June 28 7:00pm Ukrainian Celebration (more information)
June 29 7:00pm Shirt Off Our Backs Night & Post Game Fireworks
June 30 7:00pm Via Rail Canada 150 Tour with Fergie Jenkins & Gaylord Perry
Goldeyes will wear special Canadian jerseys (more information)
July 2 1:00pm Transit Driver Appreciation Day
July 11 7:00pm Metis Night
July 12 7:00pm Baseball Bingo
July 13 7:00pm Soiree Francophone
July 14 7:00pm Fireworks
July 15 6:00pm Pajama Party, Movie & Sleepover
July 16 1:00pm Goldie’s Birthday
July 18 7:00pm Hometown Heroes
July 28 7:00pm Zombie Night & Fireworks
July 29 6:00pm Korean Night
July 30 1:00pm Goldette Bobblehead to the first 1,000 fans
August 12 6:00pm Baseball Bingo
August 13 1:00pm Goldeyes Bookmark to the first 4,500 fans
August 15 7:00pm Country Night
August 16 7:00pm Bring your plastic bags to donate to Winnipeg Harvest
August 22 7:00pm Hockey Night & Fireworks
August 23 7:00pm Air Canada Vacations Trip Giveaway (Jamaica)
August 24 7:00pm Turn Back The Clock Night
August 25 7:00pm Bacon Night
September 1 7:00pm Player Card Set Giveaway to the first 500 fans
September 2 6:00pm Fireworks
September 3 1:00pm Second Half Team Photo Giveaway & Pre-Game On-Field Autographs
September 4 1:00pm Fan Appreciation Game