50-50 Tickets


50/50 draws are made at every Winnipeg Goldeyes home game. Half of the gross revenue from 50/50 ticket sales will be awarded as the prize, and proceeds from the 50/50 draw go to support the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation, Baseball Manitoba, Softball Manitoba and various other charitable organizations.

The raffle draw will be displayed on the video board in the 8th inning.  Every ticket holder has the right to witness the draw.

The winner must present their winning ticket at the Subway Fan Services Booth located on the concourse at Shaw Park behind section K. The winner must fill out a 50/50 Payout Form to receive their prize/cheque from the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation. Unclaimed prizes will remain available to claim for up to 30 days after the draw. After 30 days, all unclaimed prizes will become property of the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation.

Electronic 50/50 tickets are sold for $5.00 for three tickets, $10.00 for 7 tickets and $20 for 20 tickets. In the event that the electronic 50/50 system goes down for any circumstances, the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation will have paper tickets to sell. The paper tickets will only be in place prior to any electronic tickets purchased, if the electronic system goes down anytime during the game the draw will be made in the eighth inning with only the purchased tickets from the electronic system.

All tickets will be stored for three years after the draw.



Winning Numbers





May, 10 $617.50 JX-32939 Expired
May, 11 $787.50 JX-42399 Rob Deighton
May, 29 $1515.00 JZ-93980 Colleen Armstrong
May, 30 $1055.00 KA-39850 Sherry Shorting
May, 31 $672.50 KB-73401 Marcella Schneider
June, 1 $1492.50 KC-66404 Expired
June, 2 $1740.00 KD-75618 Jodi Huta
June, 3 $1932.50 KE-66776 Cordelia Yaworski
June, 4 $1440.00 KF-76925 John Massey
June, 12 $1587.50 KG-20611 Sandra Kosowan
June, 13 $807.50 KH-31954 Janet Harris
June, 14 $1037.50 KI-78519 Gary Audette
June, 15 $1655.00 KJ-30497 Caterina Wozny
June, 16 $2002.50 KL-59612 Len Anderson
June, 17 $2715.50 KM-65302 Samantha Leyda
June, 18 $2245.00 KN-51513 Dawn Kidder
June, 27 $1477.50 KO-17329 Trevor Cushman
June, 28 $3582.50 KP-30639 Giselle Charr
June, 29 $1600.00 KQ-30207 Kurt B
June, 30 $1470.00 KR-48940 Steven Penner
July, 1 $2545.00 KS-37806 Adrienne Berard
July, 2 $2135.00 KT-75138 Dave Bagay
July, 11 $1360.00 KU-91447 David Chartrand
July, 12 $1440.00 KV-52664 Connie Gale
July, 13 $1442.50 KW-14293 Sharon Soroka
July, 14 $2897.50 KX-99941 Not Claimed
July, 15 $2832.50 KY-20037 Robert Traser
July, 16 $2320.00 KZ-51524 Not Claimed
July, 17 $1487.50 LA-96844 Natasha Vincent
July, 18 $1935.00 LB-78505 Holly Johnson
July, 19 $1417.50 LC-83505 Eromose Ohioshmuan
July, 27 $2275.00 LD-78093 Kenneth Wiebe